THRIVER THURSDAY: Danielle Hambridge

MBC ➡️ NED, meet Danielle, our feature for #thriverthursday whose persistence and resilience is beyond inspiring. She even ran a whole marathon in her living room🤯! We are grateful to share a piece of her journey and wisdom with you this Thriver Thursday.

Tell us about your diagnosis: “I was diagnosed in November 2018 with stage IV breast cancer with liver mets. I was put on 6 rounds of Docetaxel and Herceptin and Pertuzumab every 3 weeks as my cancer is HER2+ I am still on my first line treatment and have been NED for nearly a year 🙌🏼 (scan at the end of the month will confirm if I've made it a year 😬).”⁣

What makes you a THRIVER?: “I'm a Thriver because I have every intention of achieving all my goals before my time has run out. At the beginning of lockdown I ran a marathon in my living room. It took 8 hours and I took 66,000 steps to run 42km in a tiny room! I had a bucket list goal to run a marathon this year for charity and I wouldn't let cancer or covid stop me 💪🏼 anything is possible 💖”⁣

Advice for others going though adversity: “My advice is, deal with the grief in whatever way you know how. Sit with it, find acceptance of it in some way and then discover what will make you happy going forward and go for it! Time is promised to no one and we all have dreams to fulfill 💫”⁣


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