How to Care for your Thrive Gang Jewelry

To make sure your Thrive Gang necklace stays in tip-top condition here are some quick tips for caring for your piece. 

When wearing your Thrive Gang 14k gold-filled or sterling silver jewelry remember to:

  • Put on your jewelry after putting on hairspray, makeup, perfume, lotion as they contain chemicals that can damage and alter the finish on your jewelry. 
  • Don’t wear your jewelry in swimming pools and spas. Chlorinated water can react with metals in your jewelry causing damage  and change in the appearance of your necklace. 
  • Remove jewelry before doing physical labor as the chain can get caught. 
  • Also note that as a result of the chemical changes in perspiration during chemo and radiation, these can affect the appearance of your necklace. We recommend removing the necklace if you are working out or even having a hot flash.
  • These are fine chains and are delicate. We recommend they be treated with due care to help prevent breakage. Avoid yanking chain or placing excessive pressure on necklace clasp.