Savage X Thrivers - Savage x Fenty Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign feat. our Co-Founder, Stephanie Seban.

We’ve done some pretty amazing things over the past couple of years since we started Thrive Gang.  Being that it’s just the two of us, both with families, packed schedules and with Steph still being on a very heavy treatment plan, we sometimes wonder how the hell we are managing it all.  But, where there is a will there is a way and we are passonate about our growing brand. We are embracing the process of entrepreneurship and on this journey together we have managed to pull off some pretty awesome things.... one of the most influential being a project that we were a big part of last October, and we're pretty damn proud!

Did you happen to see Rihanna's Savage X Thrivers campaign? Here's a great recap:

Pretty powerful! And truth be told, that whole campaign was birthed by Steph’s story!  One of Stephanie’s close friends, Jennifer Rosales is Rihanna’s long time manager and has seen all of what Steph has been through on her over 9 year journey with MBC.  Jennifer had been playing with the idea of doing something to highlight young women affected by breast cancer and she finally gave us, Thrive Gang, the opportunity to pitch an idea a couple of years ago for a Savage X Fenty  project.  

We worked really hard on creating something that we knew would go directly into the hands of the Rihanna. We outlined the statistics of young women who are affected by breast cancer, broke down the differences between the differing stages of cancer and explained what it means to live with metastatic disease as this diagnosis is totally misunderstood as many patients appear to look “normal.”  We also pitched potential models to be considered for the project.  With Steph’s story and experience and Amanda’s creative marketing skills and relentless passion and support, we poured our heart and soul into that pitch and when we thought it was perfect enough to go into the hands of the powers that be, we gave it to Jen, surrendered and let the Universe do it's thing. Not too long after, we got the green light and started to watch our hardwork come to life.  

Rihanna herself selected the 4 models to represent the vision of the campaign and all 4 women were flown out to LA for a two day shoot where video content was created and pictures were taken, debeuting an exclusive lingerie collection that dropped that October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They were pampered by a full glam squad both days and most importantly, they were able to authentically tell their unique stories and experiences.

When the shoot wrapped the women were even gifted our merch along with Savage X Fenty swag.


The experience was so surreal and to see it come to life months later really was a monumental moment that we will never forget. The project was much bigger than either of us could have foreseen. It reached nearly every major publication and caught the attention of the world.  Stephanie, Nalie, Bianca and Johanna showed the world that breast cancer doesn’t always look the same on everyone and bravely shared their unique stories with the world. Words can't express the gratitude we have for Jenn and Rihanna, for giving us, the underserved and unheard women the chance to use a platform of that magnitude to share our message of hope and inspiration in order to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and metastatic disease.

We are so grateful, so proud and are still blown away that we were able to make this project a reality, proving that all things are truly possible when you believe. 


Amanda and Stephanie


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